FireBots 3558

Team Members: Benjamin Gallus* 23' Nicholas Stallock 23' Jon Hennessey 23' David Hovey 25' Charlie Garlets 25' Nate Hamilton 25'

This year we had a lot of new involvement in FTC robotics and had an invigorating and energy charged season all the way through with lots of innovation and great ideas! This year's robot, Mr. Crabs, features a signature orange claw for picking up cones and Mecanum wheels for strafing or moving side to side. It's also capable of moving up and down via linear slide, reaching an impressive 34 inches at full extension. Our code sports a custom trained image model for detecting the signal cone which has 3 different color shapes around the cone indicating to do different actions according to what shape it sees. All around the season had much experience being passed on from more senior members to newer members and created an exciting learning environment. :) 

So far the FTC team has placed first in the Prairie View Middle School Qualifier and is on their way to state! More improvements and changes to the robot are on the way and in progress as fine tuning the robot is in order after a long competition!

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