Team 4207 Code Repository

4207 Programming Design Strategies

  • Java Language
  • Start from Basic Sample Robot Template to give us most control
  • Create custom utility classes for types of devices such as a piston and distance sensor*. 
  • Create additional classes for some devices

*In cases like distance sensor, we use sub classes from a generic unusable base class so that the main code does not need to be changed if we change type of sensor.  


All years used Java Programming Language

In process of moving all code to


   Programmers: John Vogel, Jake Parker



  Programmers:  Colin Dosedel, John Vogel


  • First year using Command Based Robot
  • First year using encoders to determine distance (until they got fried at competition)



  Programmers:  Dominic Peichel, Colin Dosedel


  • First year using vision processing on a co-processor.  In the end used a Raspberry pi with Microsoft webcam.
  • Started creating classes for systems on the robot rather than just individual components
  • First year using a web based/offline capable scouting program



   Robot built from Basic Sample Robot Template



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